Specialized Heavy Equipment Training

Tried, True and Tested

When your construction site requires specialized heavy metal equipment — such as telescopic booms, drills and compactors, rough terrain forklifts, dump trucks, hydraulic cranes and many more – we can create specific specialized training, develop appropriate evaluation methods and provide the certification programs you need to ensure a competent and proficient workforce.

The more complex and specialized the task, the more important it is that you have the appropriate training mechanisms in place to ensure productivity and safety. We developed a skills training and evaluation process that meets industry-accepted standards and is adaptable to all types of construction equipment.

We will create classroom activities and field exercises that are linked specifically to your goals, and we will design written tests and field assessments that will accurately measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your workforce.

Examples of specialized training includes pipe fusion, directional drilling, paving equipment and more.Call us today at (888) 879-9492.

Our training will raise on-time performance, enhance safety, reduce risk and improve your bottom line.